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Run commands when the server starts, or if a player joins.


This plugin will allow you to set commands to be run when the server starts, or someone joins the server!

+ Execute commands on player join
+ Execute commands as console or player
+ Execute commands with a delay
+ Execute commands only on first join
+ Execute commands with a delay
+ Execute commands on server startup
/ajstartcommands, /startcommands, /startcmds, /startc, /scommands, /scmds Will show a help menu
/startcommands reload Will reload the config file

startcommands.reload Will let players do /startcommands reload

Documentation can be found here
Code (Text):
# Dont touch this number please
config-version: 2

# These commands will be executed when the server is finished loading.
# To set a delay for a command, put d=5; before the command, replacing 5 with the delay (in seconds) you want.
#  One of the default commands is an example of a delay
- "say the server just started!"
- "d=5;say the server started 5 seconds ago!"

# These commands will be executed when a player joins the server.
# To make the command execute as a player, start it with [p]
# To enable these, remove the [] and create a list similar to the one in start-commands.
# You can use the delay option like above, and also the {PLAYER} placeholder
# You can also have a command only execute if the player has a permission.
# To do that, its the same format as the delay thing but replace d with perm.
join-commands: []

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues with the plugin, please contact me on any of the below methods:
Spigot PM
Discussion section
(Discord is preferred and the quickest way to get a response)


It is much easier (and usually faster) to contact me for support in one of the above areas. Discord is the fastest way to get support because I get instant mobile notifications.
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