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ajParkour [Rewards | 1.7.10 - 1.19.x | MySQL Storage Option] -----

Randomly generated parkour minigame. Great for any kind of server! Jump and Run!

ajParkour is a parkour plugin that will generate parkour as you go!
+ Auto-generated parkour
+ Keep parkour within an area
+ Rewards every number of jumps
+ Rewards on certain scores
+ MySQL and YAML storage
+ Portal to start parkour
+ Customizable messages
+ Customizable jump sounds
+ Keeps track of players' high-scores
+ Shows player's current score in action bar
+ If the player logs out, will act as if they fell.
+ Will try to go in the direction you are looking
+ Allow players to pick what block they want to use
+ Parkour is ended when the player is teleported
+ Works on Minecraft versions 1.7.10 - 1.19.x
+ Request features and they may be added!

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A video by SoulStriker

A short video by me:

A german video by SpigotFAQ

SoulStriker made a nice video showing off the main features of the plugin and shows how to set it up. (Outdated)

German: (outdated)


If you would like to try this plugin out on a server, feel free to join one of these and try it out!
If you have a server with ajParkour, feel free to DM me to ask for it to be added here!
I'm no longer updating this list.​
Over 1,000 servers are running ajParkour!


To set up your first parkour area, you need to first create an area using /ajParkour setup create <name> (and replace <name> with what you want to name your area).
Then, you need to set the positions (like worldedit's //pos1 and //pos2)
/ajParkour setup pos1 /ajParkour setup pos2
If you would like, you can set the positions using a selected worldedit area:
/ajParkour setup we

Next, you need to select the difficulty. The difficulties are easy, medium, hard, expert, and balanced. The balanced mode will go up the difficulty levels as you get higher amount of jumps.
/ajParkour setup difficulty

Next, you can optionally set a position that the player will be teleported to when they fall. If you do not set this, they will just fall normally (but the plugin prevents fall damage)
Stand where you would like them to teleport to and type:
/ajParkour setup fallpos

To make sure you have set all required positions, run the following command:
/ajParkour setup info
and make sure none of the options are red.

If you have set all required points, you must save and enable the area using this command:
/ajParkour setup save
The area is now ready to use!

For guides on setting up other things, please check out the wiki


You can find the PAPI placeholder on the wiki


Translations of the messages.yml file to other languages
Chinese translated by @agl4221 (for v2.10.6)
Czech translated by @_HeroPwP (for v2.10.0)
Spanish translated by @erDUKE21 (for v2.10.2)

Spanish translated by @zuhir (for v1.44.2)
Russian translated by @StCooper (for v1.42.2)

If you have translated, feel free to send me your messages.yml!

Note: Most messages from v1 are not compatible with v2


This is what the default config looks like. Anything in here can be changed.
You can also configure all of the messages in messages.yml, and enable mysql in storage.yml
Code (YAML):
# Dont change this please[/LEFT]
: 2

# The method to fill multiple multiple parkour areas.
# If you only have one, this option is ignored.
#  Default: lowest
: lowest

# Whether to pick a random block each jump, or a random block at the start.
#  Options: 'each' or 'start'.
#  Default: each
: each

# This is the item to show in the selector GUI to represent the random block mode.
#  Default: VINE

# This is the sound to play when a player makes a jump.
# Here is a list for the latest spigot version: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Sound.html (the list starts below the orange box that says Enum Constants)

# The amount of players to show in /ajParkour top
#  Default: 10
: 10

# The number of extra blocks to place ahead of the next jump.
#  Default: 1
: 1

# The sound to play when a player starts parkour. See jump-sound for more info.
#  Default: NONE

#The sound to play when a player falls. See jump-sound for more info.
# Default: NONE

# The number of particles to spawn when a new block is placed.
#  Default: 25
: 10

# When to execute the reward commands.
#  Options: 'earned', 'after'
#  Default: 'earned'
: after

# If this is true, the player's inventory will be cleared while on the parkour, and reset after.
# NOTICE: If one of your reward commands gives items, you need to set execute-reward-commands to 'after' or else they will lose the items.
#  Default: false
: true

# If a world is listed here, the /ajParkour start command will not be usable from that world.
# World names are seperated by commas (without spaces) and are case-sensitive!
#  Example: 'disabledworld1,disabledworld2'
: disabledworld1,disabledworld2

# How long, in seconds, after a player doesnt move should we kick them from the parkour?
# Set to -1 to disable
#  Default: 60
: 60

# Should we notify people with the permission ajparkour.update that an update is available?
# They will then be able to download it using /ajParkour update
#  Default: true
: true

# Should the score we tell the player to beat be per-area or global?
# For example, if this is true and the player got 30 on another area but only 10 on this one, they will be told to beat their record of 10.
#  Default: false
: false

# Should the portals be disabled?
# If your server is lagging from this plugin without many people on parkour, try disabling this.
# REQUIRES SERVER RESTART (not just config reload)
#  Default: true
: true

# Shoud we use a more optimized method to look if players are at a portal?
# It may require the player to be in the block for a little longer
# Enable this if you have a lot of people on your server and are experiencing lag.
#  Default: false
: false

# Should the updater be enabled?
# If this is disabled, the plugin will not attempt to check for updates, and you will have to download new updates manually
# Requires a restart
#  Default: true
: true

# Should we apply faster-portals to the afk detections?
#  Default: false
: false

# The particle to use when a new block is placed.
# See the list of particles here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Particle.html
#  Default: CLOUD

# Sould we enable the block selector item in the parkour inventory?
# If this is disabled, the parkour inventory will just be blank
#  Default: true
: true

# Should we require the player to have the ajparkour.selector permission to get the block selector item?
# (for the parkour inventory)
#  Default: false
: false

This plugin collects anonymous usage information via bStats. It can be disabled in bStats' config file.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues with the plugin, please contact me on any of the below methods:
Spigot PM
Discussion section
(Discord is preferred and the quickest way to get a response)

It is much easier (and usually faster) to contact me for support in one of the above areas. Discord is the fastest way to get support because I get instant mobile notifications.

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